• All paddlers must be able to swim 200 yards, tread water for 20 minutes, and be able to get in a canoe from the water without assistance.
  • All paddlers must know responsibilities after a huli.
  • No children under the age of 9 are allowed in canoes.
  • All under the age of 13 must wear PFDs at all times.
  • No fewer than 5 or more than 6 paddlers per canoe.
  • OC-6 canoes are only to be used when the paddle is lead by an OOCC approved paddle leader.
  • Equip all OC-6 canoes with PFDs, a safety bag containing first aid and distress signaling devices, a hand held marine radio, bail buckets and bailers.
  • Check canoes for seaworthiness prior to launching. Check amas and hull for potential leaks. Make sure that rigging is secure. Rerig or take out of service if necessary.
  • Paddler leaders are to check conditions prior to a paddle. Check wind, fog, swell, tides, potential for lightening especially.
  • Paddle leaders are to set the paddle plan according to conditions and crew capabilities. Safety first. If in doubt, don’t go out.
  • Obey rules of marine navigation. Exit and enter harbor on the right side of channel (red buoys or markers to the right (starboard) when returning to the harbor, green buoys or markers on the right when leaving the harbor. Do not stop in the main channels of the harbor, especially at the harbor entrance. Give way to all other boats (even though canoes technically have right away over power boats).
  • In foggy conditions, no canoe is to leave the harbor unless the Oceanside Pier is in view and canoes must maintain site of land at all times.
  • No recreational or newcomer paddles are to leave the harbor when whitecaps are present.

Here lies the body of Michael O’Day

Who died maintaining his Right of Way.

He was right, dead right, as he sailed along,

But he’s just as dead as if he’d been wrong