Newcomer Program

The Newcomer Program is part of OOCC’S recruitment efforts. New members are always welcome and may include veteran paddlers or paddlers who have never tried it. Outrigger paddling is for anyone who loves great form and exercise, who enjoys being on the ocean, and who wishes to experience a water sport with a lengthy and rich tradition in Hawaiian and Polynesian cultures. No previous experience is necessary, although ability to swim is required and knowledge of the water through other water sports can be helpful. Newcomers should wear appropriate clothing such as swim trunks/shorts and synthetic fiber shirts since paddlers can get wet. Depending on weather and time of day, you may also want to bring a hat, sunglasses, wind proof jacket, and wear sun block. Canoes, paddles, and a safe place to store belongings are provided.

We have several avenues for incorporating newcomers into and around our existing programs, which run throughout the calendar year.

If you are interested in participating as a Newcomer when we next schedule clinics, please email Richard Lai Fatt, OOCC’s Recruitment Director HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions