We are proud to have both recreational and racing components of the OOCC. We refer to the recreational paddling part of our club as “Aloha Kai” to represent our respect and love for the ocean.

The primary role of the Aloha Kai program is to provide safe, satisfying paddle events for any experienced paddler who has chosen to transition out of racing for competitive, medical, or personal reasons, but still enjoys time on the water for fitness, fun and the aloha spirit. Aloha Kai typically paddles 8-10 miles in two hours. We paddle outside the harbor and may catch bumps, play chase, or pursue ocean wildlife. A strong set of paddling and safety skills as well as comfort on the water in a variety of ocean conditions are needed. The majority of paddlers served by the Aloha Kai program are kupuna, but younger paddlers also participate. Drop-ins by OOCC men’s and women’s competitive team members are frequent and welcomed.

Our program has evolved into its current form by listening to kupuna paddlers, reviewing documented discussions regarding the program, acknowledging the hard lessons learned on the water, and applying evidence based risk management decision making.

In Aloha Kai:

  • We believe in respect for the ocean, others and self.
  • We respect the values of our own culture, but strive to incorporate positive aspects of other cultures. Hawaiian words such as aloha, ohana, and kupuna help us to communicate our respect for the ocean and the paddling community.
  • We seek to share the joys of open ocean outrigger canoeing, but acknowledge its inherent risks. We implement participation standards which mitigate those risks, even though they may sometimes seem to be at odds with the spirit of aloha. Aloha is not a substitute for safety.
  • We assert policies and practices which epitomize aloha (Alo = presence, ha = breath, Aloha = presence of breath or breath of life) by protecting the breath of life for all. We believe it is disrespectful and unkind to unnecessarily risk the health and safety of another.
  • We have learned there are no shortcuts to training and time on the water to avoid bad outcomes/events and paddler attrition.

We welcome you to Aloha Kai! Come join us on the water!

For your safety and the safety of your fellow paddlers, please see the OOCC paddler Aloha Kai participation requirements below:

  • One full season of spring novice training.
  • Completion of at least one SCORA OC6 race competing as a part of the OOCC team.
  • Demonstrated ability to swim, tread water, right a capsized canoe and climb into a canoe from the water in accordance with OOCC and SCORA safety policies/best practices.

Visiting Paddlers

Please contact the OOCC Newcomer Coordinator (email HERE) if you are new to the area and would like to paddle with us. The coordinator can direct you to the appropriate part of the club depending on your paddling experience and training. A fee is not required for visiting paddlers.


  • Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday mornings throughout the year.
  • 8:30 AM sign in. Canoes underway 15-30 minutes after sign In.
  • Seating is first come first served by time of arrival.

Have any questions? Click HERE to email Thomas A. Balcom, Recreation Director OOCC.