Recreational workouts are aimed at developing and implementing programs designed to meet the needs of individuals engaged in the non-competitive aspects of six-man canoeing. Recreational workouts are held two to three times per week during the pre-race and racing season (March through September) and may be more frequent during the non-race season, as daylight and weather conditions allow (October through February).

Workouts are typically co-ed and led by the recreational coach. The recreational paddles allow for social paddles, the opportunity for new paddlers to develop skills prior to joining the Novice division, and the opportunity for racing paddlers to keep their skills during the off-season. Non-race season workouts combine racing paddlers and non-racing paddlers to further develop the skills of all paddlers.

OOCC dues and fundraising dollars go to support the maintenance and storage of our canoes and equipment, which are then available for member use in scheduled practices or as approved by a coach or board member. Some members are also able to store personal one-man, two-man or surf-ski canoes in the OOCC canoe yard on an “as-available” basis for a fee as part of a fund-raising program.

If you are interested in participating in our Recreational program, please contact, OOCC’s Elaine Kelly, Director, at