Racing Program (information below applies only to a non-Covid environment):

Coached workouts are held to develop and promote paddle sport athletic competition at all levels.
These workouts are held up to three times per week for each of the men’s and women’s programs
during the pre-race and racing season (March through September). Workouts are typically 2 hours in
length or longer and are led by the head coach or the division coaches. In addition, separate coached
workouts for first-year racing paddlers or novice paddlers are conducted by the novice coaches for the
first part of the racing season (March through July). Novice paddlers “graduate” to the division workouts
by the end of July each year. Coached workouts for youth are held as demand warrants.
Instruction programs are designed to introduce, inform, and train paddlers of all skill levels in all aspects
and areas of canoeing. Typically, the youth program is active from May to July of each year.

Program Dues:
$240 per member for the year
Dues cover:
Club membership, which includes use of canoes, paddles, and racing equipment
Practice Times:
Men Racers: Tuesday, Thursday evenings: 5:00p-~7:30p; Sunday morning: 8:00a-~11:00a
Women Racers: Monday, Wednesday evenings: 5:00p-~7:30p; Saturday morning: 8:00a-~11:00a
Race Season practices start:
March (in a non-Covid environment)

Race Fees
These are in addition to membership fees, and are dependent on which races you choose to participate
in. Iron/Sprint Fees are $195; 9-man race fees are ~$50/race (for Dana and PaoPao), and $100 for Catalina.
Off Season/Race Development
Outside of racing season, OOCC has continuing education and practice sessions geared towards
maintaining endurance and technique refinement. Focus is also switched to OC-1 water time.

If you are interested in participating, please contact:
Men’s Coach – Eric Holmberg:

Women’s Coach – Bill (BVT) VanTassel: