Outrigger Paddling to me is a deep connection and reverence for the ocean.


Paddling is a time to have fun ..getting in that zone of relaxing with the ocean and being with great people.


Outrigger paddling to me is like the best family gathering I could hope for. Unconditional love and endless challenges from the ocean and the best ohana and spirit of aloha from teammates and competitors alike.


The shared feeling of accomplishment with the crew at the end of every paddle is the best. Exercise, the sea and good friends. Doesn’t get much better.


I love how we come together to enjoy the ocean by paddling in tune with each other. I love the physical work out, the smell of the ocean, the swells and of course being part of our ohana and sharing the aloha spirit. I love the bond we all share of our love of the ocean.


To me Outrigger canoeing is Pure Joy. A time to refresh my mind and body with exercise, ocean, and good souls on the water.


Outrigger Paddling is a time to clear my mind of everyday burdens and to focus on being “One”. One with the Canoe, 5 amazing People, Water, Nature, and our Team.


The ocean, aloha, ohana, physical and mental challenge outrigger paddling creates is medicine for my soul…….love my sport, love my paddling ohana!


For me outrigger is a connection and spiritual awareness with the ocean, connection with an ocean culture and spirit that’s been around a long time and respects all things; the blend- six people moving in harmony to glide across Mother Ocean; the ohana, the aloha.


It’s good exercise and an opportunity to experience nature, the occasional whale or dolphin sighting, or a refreshing swim in the sea. Will miss it!