1. All members are expected to treat all fellow members and the general community with respect, honesty, and fairness. This includes showing respect for:
    • Self
    • Other members
    • Coaches
    • Officers and board members
    • Environment – especially the ocean
    • Sport and culture of canoe paddling
    • Competitors
    • Your canoe club ohana (family)
    • Club equipment and property
      • Lift canoes instead of dragging
      • Be aware – avoid collisions
      • Refrain from leaning against or stepping over canoes
      • Keep club area clean and free of litter
  2. Get involved in club activities and committees.
    • Head a club committee or volunteer for the committee
    • Volunteer to help races and events – set up/take down tents, handle canoes, and stay to watch and support fellow paddlers’ races
  3. Participate in fund-raising events and activities
  4. Everyone is encouraged to strive to achieve their personal best both physically and mentally and support others in this effort.
  5. Violence or physical or verbal abuse is unacceptable and grounds for suspension or expulsion. Members are encouraged to keep the best interest of Oceanside Outrigger Canoe Club and the team before their personal aspirations.

Coaches and Steerspersons Code of Ethics & Conduct

  1. Treat each paddler with respect and dignity
  2. Provide canoe paddlers with advance notice of program requirements, practice schedule and crew selection criteria
  3. Make crew decisions based on fair and equitable standards
  4. Be available to explain decisions or answer questions
  5. Foster an environment of open communication with the paddlers
  6. Mediate conflicts between paddlers that affect the success of the paddling program
  7. Be prepared to seek help from the Head Coach or President in resolving conflicts
  8. Utilize a positive coaching style that fosters teamwork and promotes the values, mission, and code of conduct of the OOCC Ohana.

Chain of Command

Procedure for complaints regarding coaching or the management of the paddling program; reports of complaints may be kept confidential as necessary or if requested.

  1. Talk with your immediate coach privately;
  2. If you feel your concern/complaint has not been addressed, talk to the Head Coach;
  3. If you still feel like your concern/complaint has not been adequately addressed, talk with the OOCC Board President. If a matter is brought to the President’s attention, the President will automatically bring the matter before the Board of Directors for Oceanside Outrigger Canoe Club for resolution.

Personal Property

Personal property should be respected at all times.  Personal items left or temporarily stored in the Club area are the responsibility of each individual member.  OOCC accepts no liability for damages or theft of equipment or members’ personal property including canoes and surf-skis, backpacks, clothing, paddles or other items that are stored at members’ own risk.  OC-1 and OC-2 canoes and surf-ski storage can be accommodated for members on a “first-come, first-served” basis, space-permitting in coordination with the OOCC Board.  An annual fee must be paid for storage of such watercraft.  No personal property or equipment (e.g. bikes, motorcycles, surfboards, etc.) other than temporary/daily storage of paddles and personal clothing and practice gear is allowed in the canoe yard.

Oceanside Outrigger promotes the Spirit of Aloha and an open forum communication. It is each member’s responsibility to connect with our Ohana by respectfully voicing his/her opinions while contributing to the betterment of our club.