Lei making is a wonderful Hawaiian tradition. It’s also an OOCC tradition to make leis for our first race of the season. Want to learn how … please join in on the fun.

Where: Stacy’s – 5190 El Arbol Road, Carlsbad, 92008

When: Thursday, May 7th 5-9pm

Bring: Pot luck

This tradition is passed on to the Novice every year by the Women racers and the Rec paddlers. Novice, you will learn the process and you will be able to pass it on next year to our new novice! It will be great fun- talking, laughing, eating and telling eye popping race tales.

Please call Stacy for any questions (760) 533-7572


Lei Making

Order ti leaves from “Manny’s flowers at the floral trade center (5858 Dryden place, Carlsbad), (310)876-5504

2 ½ leaves per lei. They come in bunches of 10. 10 leaves make 4 leis.

Pick up leaves from Manny’s. Wholesale # under Stacy Powell (Oceanside Outrigger).

Strip leaves- cut stem out with scissors which gives you 2 leaves. Toss stem. Wrap leaves all together in a towel and freeze for 24 hours.

Take out of freezer and open up to defrost in the morning of lei making. They must be ironed before weaving them. 

Iron the ti leaves. We usually set up a couple of ironing boards and irons at the party. Iron them on a towel as not to stain the board. You can place 2 or 3 side by side on the ironing board. The club has a couple of irons in the shed. Please return to shed. 

Finished leis can be stored in a cooler in plastic bags with a little ice. It makes the distribution of them easier if they are packed in bunches of six. (twist ties or string- not knotted)

Don’t forget to take them to the race! Have fun making them.