Oceanside Outrigger Canoe Club Board Minutes
Zoom Video Meeting
November 10, 2021 – 6:00 pm
Click this Zoom link to join: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82144796371
Jan O’Reilly – President -P
Tim Silverthorn – Vice President -P
Pat McArdle – Secretary -P
Julie Majkrzak – Treasurer -P
Andrea Souther – Fundraising Director -P
Renee Oliver – Communications Director -P
Stacy Powell – Recreational Director -P
Laurie Guidero – Recruitment Director -P
Jay Robnett – Race Director -P
Audience Attending: Richard Lai Fatt
1. Meeting called to order at 6:07 pm
2. Roll Call
3. Pule – Renee
4. Approval of Minutes from regular meeting on October 13, 2021, and special election
meeting on November 3, 2021. Moved: Pat, Second: Renee: Unanimous approval.
6. President: Jan O’Reilly
a. Election update:
The following candidates will be on the ballot this year:
President: Jan O’Reilly (two-year term)
Secretary: Andrea Souther (two-year term)
Fundraising Director: Jennifer Woodard (two-year term)
Race Director: No candidate currently, but Caren Thompson who has served as
our SCORA rep. will continue to do so.
Communications Director: Melissa Vansant (one-year term)
Treasurer: Denise Young (two-year term)
Recruitment Director: Laurie Guidero (LG) (one-year term)
b. The ballot will also include the following proposed amendment to Article 5 Section
7 of the by-laws: “Any club member renting a rack space in the yard for their OC1 will be required to sign a waiver releasing the Oceanside Outrigger Canoe Club
from all liability in the event of the theft of or damage to their canoe.” Janmoved, Renee seconded. Approval was unanimous.
b. Yard lease update: Jan is still working with the City of Oceanside for final details
regarding the renewal of our lease for another three years. One thing that is still
outstanding is that we would like to obtain the contact information of the
company that previously painted the yard fence, since repainting the fence is part
of our renewal terms.
c. Former member Marianne Espinosa has asked that we hold another Semper Fi
Fund Wounded Warriors event (similar to the paddle-out we did in 2019). Stacy
offered to supervise the food prep for a barbeque after the paddle out. Marianne
has suggested Sunday April 24. The board agreed that OOCC will host the event.
7. Vice President: Tim Silverthorn:
a. Will get license numbers on trailers and boat ID for our insurance policy.
b. Will organize a group of members to refinish our paddles
c. Working on the club’s one-man trailer to make it road-worthy.
8. Secretary: Pat McArdle
a. Insurance: In order to update our insurance policy, OOCC needs to provide the
following information to our insurer ASAP:
i. Trailer information: year/make/model/serial or VIN numbers,
along with the estimated cost of the trailers and their storage location to
ensure that the policy coverage is extended to the trailers’ stored location.
ii. Renee has provided her address and the plate number of the
trailer stored at her house
iii. The year/make/model/VIN or serial number and the estimated
value of all canoes owned by the club.
iv. Add a clause to Article 5 Section 7 of the by-laws to require
each member renting rack space for their OC-1s to sign a liability waiver
for their canoe while it is stored in the yard. Motion to add this
amendment to the Nov.15 ballot: Jan- move, Renee second. Unanimous.
v. When OOCC purchases a new coaches’ outboard motorboat, we
must also provide our insurer with the make/model, serial number, motor
information and value
9. Treasurer: Julie Majkrzak
a. Checking: $63,067.97
b. Money Market: $19,664.27
c. Paypal: $1,208.01
TOTAL: $83,940.25
10. Race Director: Jay Robnett
a. Becky Stuart Invitational: Andrea has stepped up to coordinate the race and Jay
will help and provide guidance/assistance when he can
b. The Stuart family will provide the baked potatoes. All food will be served
inside the yard. Since the city now requires a licensed food vendor, Stacy, who
has a food prep business license and is a licensed vendor, offered to sponsor the
event and purchase the food wholesale.
c. We have a lead boat thanks to LG. George Bishop, an Oceanside resident and
SCORA safety boatman, has asked us to provide 2-4 support boats, and we are
working on that. Sign-up for the Becky Stuart Invitational is on PaddleGuru.
d. Andrea also has club members signed up to manage registration and timing.
We will have to pay for permits and safety boats.
e. LG mentioned that for previous races, we have distributed glass beer steins for
all participants. If we are able to procure these for 2021, she suggests that we
don’t include the year on the glasses so we can use them the following year.
Andrea has also ordered 100 hats to encourage early sign up. Jan suggested the
hats have some sort of branding on them (if not enough time for embroidering,
then maybe other method, to include “Becky Stuart” somewhere on the hat.
Technically, the race is the “Becky Stuart Invitational”, although some thought
the had should say “Memorial” to save space.
f. Jay is drawing up a budget for 2022. He met with coaches and will put together
a draft budget for his successor. The incoming 2022 Board will have to approve
the 2022 budget.
11. Communications: Renee Oliver
a. Board members who want to archive important information/documents for their
successors on the board should email them to Renee, provide her with a USB, or
send her hard copies to distribute to newly elected Board members.
12. Recreation Director: Stacy Powell
a. We don’t yet have a captain for the Rec Group’s Annual Thanksgiving paddle.
If there are no volunteers, we will cancel it.
13. Recruitment Director: Laurie Guidero
a. When LG gets a request from someone interested in joining the club, she sends
them a questionnaire. She also requires a swimming test. If they don’t pass, they must
wear a life jacket.
b. LG’s questionnaire for newcomers is attached to this document.
14. Fundraising: Andrea Souther
a. Oceanside’s Iron Man Race went very well, and our club wound up having 13
volunteers who worked the event. Andrea is waiting for Ironman officials to
finish their paperwork, and they will let us know how much the 13 volunteers
earned for the club for their time helping out at the race.
15. New Business:
a. Buying a new OC-6: Motion to amend this year’s budget for equipment repair
and purchase to include $8,000 for a deposit on a new unlimited canoe and to
include the remainder of the purchase cost in the 2022 budget. Andrea moved.
Pat seconded. Approved: Unanimous
16. Old Business
a. Adding more OC-1 storage racks: Tim is working on this. We will be able to
add three spaces and a place for the new Unlimited we plan to purchase.
b. Re: Art’s concern about covid vaccines that he raised via letter to the Board and
his participation at the October Board Meeting. After discussion, the Board
concluded that we believe our club is in compliance with current CDC and
California state guidelines. We appreciate Art’s concern, but have agreed to
continue with our current policy.
c. Pat will send out election ballots for our new Board Members by November 15.
Voting will close on November 30.
13. Meeting adjourned at 8:17 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Patricia McArdle, Secretary